Trusting God (Episode 2)

Trust God In Your Situations – Psalm 56:3-13
Lawrence K. Anku writes:

Trusting God is to focus on His sovereignty. Relying or depending on God evaporates the in dwelling of your circumstances in life.

Your trust is a person – meaning when you trust someone, that person has become your hope. Understand that your hope, which you wait for is Jesus Christ. As humans made in the image and likeness of God, our trust is Jesus Christ. So, you can not put your hope (trust) in a man. You have to trust God in order for Him to compel men to favour you for whatever you’re believing the Lord to do in your life.

Trusting God in your situations or trials of life is abiding in His confidence, even in times of distress. A time of praising the Lord Jesus when faced with hardship, tribulations and name calling. People will lie against you and use deceitful speech against your integrity, reputation and image. All you have to do is to rely on the Most High God for vindication, knowing that vengeance is His.

Brethren be confident and know that God has interest in every pain and tears of yours. Why? Because He’s always with you. Therefore, subject your determination to praise the Lord your God knowing that He has already delivered your soul from all foolish things – tribulations.

Placing your trust in men has to do with dealing with other voices – putting yourself under their law of assurance. Those who trust the Lord, fear the Lord, meditate on His eternal Word, think highly of His sovereignty and ponder on His significance as relation to their lives in perilous times.

God will not ignore you who is faithful and trust Him. He promise that He will open a book of remembrance about you in due time and season.
Brethren, understand that in every circumstance, God is with you and He will use your tests and trials to restore you to your desired position, to enlighten you with the light of life – meaningful life in Him (Job 33:30).

Mediation: Lord, Holy Spirit help, empower and strength me to trust Jesus in all my situations.


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