Lost Opportunity

This dawn as I hurriedly ran to the washroom to pee, it began to rain heavily. I was afraid to go back to sleep because anytime it rains, ECG (Electricity Company of Ghana) always becomes an accomplice to the heavy downpour.

It had been announced since Friday that there would be power outage on Sunday 23rd October, 2016 from morning till evening. I took the risk to go back to sleep since my eyes were still heavy. I had no backup plan in terms of what to wear to church since I had not ironed any shirt.

To my surprise, the power was on when I woke up and hastily ironed my attire and prepared for church.

As I began to walk from my residence, I beckoned a private car to give me a drive to the junction (about four minutes drive) to continue my journey.

Needful to say, the driver was very friendly and began to converse with me. He came to visit his senior brother and was finding a hard time to exit my neighborhood but I gladly helped him to manoeuvre his way out.

He recounted years back when a plot of land cost 12 Ghana Cedis whilst a bag of cement was 80 pesewas. Now, that same plot of land in the neighborhood cost between GHS25,000 to GHS40,000.

“I never bought a land here then because the place was too bushy, no roads, no electricity, no water. Infact, it looked like a jungle. When friends informed me of buying a land here, I discouraged them and told them to look elsewhere” he said.

This man became a source of discouragement in the life of his friends and diverted opportunities of them owning lands. If his friends had not listened to his advice, I believe they would be making good money from the sale of the land.

This indeed is a lost opportunity and the hand of time cannot be reversed to undo this blunder. Below are some lessons I learnt from his story:

  1. Anytime opportunities come your way, seek the face of God to know His Will before you act.
  2. Never heed to negative advice from your peers because you will regret it in the future.
  3. Some opportunities may come in a bad state and it’s up to you to make it good.
  4. Tomorrow is never promised so don’t take the opportunities that comes your way lightly.
  5. Don’t be afraid to start little. Remember little drops of water make a mighty ocean.
  6. Someone will take the opportunity you always miss.

Concluding, promise yourself when positive opportunities come knocking on your door, you would gladly take advantage of it.


Be Focus


KEEP FOCUSED. You can’t do everything at the same time. You can’t please everybody. Losers run in all directions. WINNERS FOCUS THEIR ENERGIES. You’re a winner; CONCENTRATE. Prioritize. Stay on track. Don’t dwell on faults and failures; CORRECT YOUR MISTAKES AND MOVE ON. When the night is dark, FOCUS ON GOD’S LIGHT. SEEK DIVINE WISDOM. He will provide. He will guide. You have what it takes. FOCUS AND WIN THE GAME!