Keep Your Dreams Alive


There is hope for those who believe in the future but most importantly for those who believe in their dreams and in themselves. If you are encouraged by people and you still don’t believe in yourself, your innate abilities will never come alive.

I have come to understand that in life, to keep your dreams alive, ninety percent of the work depends on you. It’s your duty call so do it with joy.

Be inspired today by my quotes in order to keep your dreams alive.

  • Your dreams must make you stay awake at night and working towards it.
  • There is power in doing than dreaming.
  • Start with little or no support, with time it will follow.
  • Never make a mistake of burying your dreams. It’s the saddest thing to do.
  • Some friends will try to kill your dreams along the way, it is proof you are doing things right. Press on!
  • Never give up on your dreams. Let hope and passion fuel it.
  • If you don’t fulfill your dreams, you will kill other people’s dream too.
  • Be positive about your dreams. Trust me, you need it most.
  • Dreams are meant to be fulfilled so keep working at it.

I encourage you not give up on your dreams for it will surely materialize.


Quotes On Friend-Ship


  1. The kind of friends you keep determines the size of your ship.
  2. If you keep quality friends, your ship will never sink.
  3. Quality friends fan aflame your ship.
  4. The kind of friends you keep in your ship also determines the distance it can travel.
  5. The height of your ship determines how further you can see dependent on the friends you stand on.
  6. Friends either RUIN or RULE your ship.
    *Ruin – Destroy
    *Rule – Straighten
  7. Great ships are built by great minds. Let this guide you in choosing your friends.

PS: Ship used in this context means LIFE