Declare God’s Words

Declaring the Word of God means you saying it with authority and full of faith. That is why Job 22:28 makes us to understand that “You will also declare a thing, And it will be established for you; So light will shine on your ways”.

My prayer for you is that as you personalize the under listed declaration into your life, it will manifest quickly, speedily and without warning in Jesus’ mighty name, Amen!

  1. The Lord shall smile at me when I need Him most.
  2. The Lord shall restore every blessing that has eluded me.
  3. The Lord shall grant me divine access to my place of honour.
  4. The Lord shall make me a Pillar in my family.
  5. All those who laughed at me shall begin to call me blessed.
  6. The Lord shall fight all my battles for me so I hold my peace.
  7. The Lord shall make me prosperous; I shall lie down in green pastures.
  8. The Lord shall never forsake me.
  9. The Lord shall perpetually make my name a household one.
  10. The Lord shall make my life fruitful.
  11. The Lord shall cause shame to be far away from me.
  12. The Lord shall grant me uncommon favour before men.
  13. The Lord shall baptize my life with every good and every perfect gift.
  14. The Lord shall wipe away all my tears.
  15. The Lord my Eternal Shepherd shall bar my enemies from using me as prey.
  16. The Lord shall make my life like a tree planted by the rivers of water.
  17. The Lord shall satisfy me with long life and show me His salvation.
  18. The Lord shall lead me beside every still water.
  19. The Lord shall prepare a table before me in the presence my enemies.
  20. The Lord shall change my name from Ben-oni (son of pain) to Ben-ja-min (son of my right hand).

Above all, My God shall make my life a thousand times BIGGER, BETTER AND GREATER, Amen!


Be Focus


KEEP FOCUSED. You can’t do everything at the same time. You can’t please everybody. Losers run in all directions. WINNERS FOCUS THEIR ENERGIES. You’re a winner; CONCENTRATE. Prioritize. Stay on track. Don’t dwell on faults and failures; CORRECT YOUR MISTAKES AND MOVE ON. When the night is dark, FOCUS ON GOD’S LIGHT. SEEK DIVINE WISDOM. He will provide. He will guide. You have what it takes. FOCUS AND WIN THE GAME!


Quotes On Friend-Ship


  1. The kind of friends you keep determines the size of your ship.
  2. If you keep quality friends, your ship will never sink.
  3. Quality friends fan aflame your ship.
  4. The kind of friends you keep in your ship also determines the distance it can travel.
  5. The height of your ship determines how further you can see dependent on the friends you stand on.
  6. Friends either RUIN or RULE your ship.
    *Ruin – Destroy
    *Rule – Straighten
  7. Great ships are built by great minds. Let this guide you in choosing your friends.

PS: Ship used in this context means LIFE