Trusting God (Episode 1)


Psalm 143:6-12

Trusting the Lord your God is to have faith in Him – meaning, relying or depending on His Love, Relationship, Fellowship, Ability, Power and Mercy. Trust in God expresses your belief and total dependency in Him which pleases Him.

Brethren, remember the days of old – rejoicing, worshipping the Lord your God in your closest and His temple whiles meditating on His good works knowing that He is able to do what He promises.

Know that without a renewed sense of God’s presence through the relationship and fellowship of the Holy Spirit, you are as good as a dead being. You have to spread your hands to Him, praying to Him everyday of your life. In praying to the Lord Jesus, you’re fellowshiping with Him and the answer of the in-depth relationship will come with morning light.

When we pray in Jesus’ name, we trust and fellowship in the authority of His name and in His character.

Trust Him with all your being, knowing that He is the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. In His mercy, He will cut off your enemies and destroy all those who afflict your soul.


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